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Whitening Trays vs. Whitening Strips

Posted by Archtek on

Teeth whitening treatments can provide much more than just a brighter smile. For some individuals, whiter teeth can improve their quality of life by making them less self conscious while out at social events with friends or coworkers. For others, teeth whitening treatments can remove years of staining caused by coffee, tea, or other food and drinks with teeth-staining properties. Whatever your reason may be for whitening your teeth, there are now many safe and effective teeth whitening methods worth exploring.

Throughout this article, we’ll outline the differences between teeth whitening strips and teeth whitening trays, while discussing just how easy it is to be on your way to a brighter smile. If you are considering whitening your teeth, and are unsure of your purchasing options, we’ve created this article just for you. At Archtek Dentistry, we sell products that are proven to be effective for our customers. Read more below to learn why teeth whitening trays are far more effective at providing you with a radiant smile when compared to traditional teeth whitening strips.

Whitening Strips vs. Whitening Trays

If you have never used teeth whitening products before, you may be wondering which method of treatment is right for you. While many teeth whitening strip kits are available at major retail stores, they are usually less effective when compared to teeth whitening trays. Many whitening strips offer a low strength whitening solution that does not compare to the solution strength provided by whitening trays. For this reason, if you are searching for the most effective method of whitening your teeth, we would suggest using teeth whitening trays.

Not only do teeth whitening strip kits do a sub-par job at whitening individuals’ teeth, they often leave great room for error during placement of the strips. If not careful, individuals may find that they missed areas during the whitening stage, leaving awkward yellow splotches around areas they did not cover with the whitening strip. Comparatively, teeth whitening trays cover the entirety of the individual’s mouth, ensuring that no areas are left uncovered during the whitening process.

The amount of time needed for whitening is also greatly reduced when using teeth whitening trays. Many teeth whitening strips require continuous use for weeks on end with little result. This can leave users feeling like they’ve wasted their time and money on a faulty product. Whitening trays, however, require fewer uses and provide individuals with a whiter smile and a better end result. For these reasons, you should consider investing in a high quality teeth whitening tray kit.

Brighten Your Smile Today!

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